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Mrs. Theresa Deustch Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1-4, Musical Theater, Pointe, and Partnering, Jazz and Advanced Pointe
Mr. Tywan "Tank" Jackson Hip Hop, Tankercise
30 minute class $6.50/$6.00 per class, $26.00/$24.00 per month
45 minute class $7.50/$6.75 per class, $30.00/$27.00 per month
1 hour class $8.50/$7.75 per class, $34.00/$31.00 per month
1.5 hour class $13.50/$12.25 per class, $54.00/$49.00 per month
 3or more classes SAVE BIG!!!! CALL FOR DETAILS!!!


 Mrs. Theresa Deutsch – Dance Coordinator

Tessa graduated with honors with a BFA in Dance Performance from Butler University. When not knee-deep in all things dance related, she reads voraciously, finds unusual recipes to subject her husband and enjoys the idea of gardening but not the reality yet. 



Mr. Tywan "Tank" Jackson

Tank started dancing at a young age and began teaching step (like in the film “Stomp the Yard”). Talented in the arts (drawing, acting, dancing, and singing), Tank doesn’t believe in the word “can’t”. He’s had callbacks for America’s Got Talent for dancing and The X Factor for singing. Dancing every day is important because to Tank, every dance is a picture and story in motion, emotional and vague all at once. 




Pay for classes on first day. No refunds or exchanges

 Special Notes:

Please understand that class/level placement of students is according to each individual’s ability, maturity, rhythm and focus, not their age. Three or more years may be needed at any given level. Dance classes start Tuesday Sept. 6, 2016 and continue through the spring of 2017 with a possibility for both a December and springtime performance opportunity.

Ballet Technique: A form of concert dance which gained popularity in the royal courts of France, has been passed down through the centuries. Poise, elegance, strength, turnout and lines of the body are all hallmarks of this dance form that requires turning, jumping and balance. Males will need black or white ballet shoes, form-fitting shirt/tank top, and men’s tights/bike shorts with dance belt or shorts/pants with full range of motion. Girls will need pink ballet shoes, pink tights ballet leotard, and hair secured back into a bun.

Jazz Technique: A wide-ranging style of dance that generally combines the rhythm of tap and the vocabulary of ballet to create it’s own personality. Musical Theatre jazz has an open, presentational quality that you will see performed in many Broadway shows. Lyrical Jazz is an emotional form of jazz that attempts to convey the words and feeling of songs through movement. Contemporary jazz incorporates a layer of both modern dance and hip hop into it’s unique expression. Dancers should wear form-fitting clothes to allow teachers to see the form of the body while allowing the dancer full range of motion. Jazz shoes or ballet shoes accepted. Long hair pulled back out of the way.

 Hip Hop: A form of street dance which plays with intricate rhythms and a wide variety of percussive movement that is set to popular hip hop music. Student can wear sneakers that have never been used outside or they may wear socks.